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STARS4ALL is a project funded by the European Union H2020 Programme under agreement number 688135. STARS4ALL is composed of 8 institutions (UPM, CEFRIEL, SOTON, ECN, ESCP Europe, IAC, IGB-Berlin, UCM) from 6 countries. STARS4ALL project will develop a collective awareness platform -composed by Light Pollution Initiatives (LPIs) – to encourage citizens to care for and preserve the natural darkness of European nightscapes. LPIs are local or global working groups who study the effects or fight against the negative impacts of artificial light at night.


The promoter of this content is UPM, with headquarters in av/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040 Madrid. The contest has been organized as part of the activities included in the Stars4All project.


This competition between european students is looking to motivate them to participate in Stars4all LPI initiatives.

4.Award endowment

European students have the opportunity to participate in a competition where the winners will witness one of the most amazing astronomical events in the World: A Total Solar Eclipse. During the last two weeks of August, the winning students will be part of the Shelios 2017 astronomical expedition whose main objective is to observe and relay live (via the web portal a total solar eclipse from the american state of Idaho. This experience will be supervised by recognised professionals such as astrophysicists and astrophotographers. During the expedition they will develop an educational activity related with this astronomical event.

5.Main character of the prize

STARS4ALL students will join Ruta de las Estrellas project in order to influence their decision of following the path of science.

The innovative proposal Ruta de las Estrellas 2017 – STARS4ALL (RES2017) will allow students from the European Union to participate in astronomy experiences, living in this context a program of development of scientific vocations and personal and entrepreneurial skills. Both the selection process and the active participation of students in the project, will contribute to broaden their scientific knowledge with the following priorities:

  1. To notably change the perception that young people have about science as a difficult subject to understand (the main cause of dropping out).
  2. To provide the necessary human and technical support to undergo a scientific experience.
  3. To stimulate a passion for knowledge and develop personal and entrepreneurial skills.
  4. To strengthen respect for the environment in fragile ecosystems on the planet preserving natural darkness of nightscapes.
  5. To improve respect for different cultures: teaching to live together.

6. Structure

Users will be able to participate in the competition using two different applications which differs in the level of difficulty. The applications selected for each path are:

The mission is to classify images taken from the International Space Station (ISS). The team is composed by two players, randomly selected when each match starts. The game score reflects the team’s agreement: you will get points whenever you choose the same category of your randomly paired player. Be accurate but fast: you have only 1 minute to reach a perfect agreement.

For each ISS picture, the participant will choose one of the following 6 categories: CITY, AURORA, ISS, BLACK, STARS and NONE, according to the following instructions (link to tutorial: ).

After the game, participants can go to their profile page (top-left  icon) and there they can check their achievements and compare to other participants’ by clicking on the leaderboard panel.

Asteroids are small bodies, usually rocky, that mainly populate a region of the solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter known as the main asteroid belt. However, they can also be found throughout the solar system. As remains of the formation of the solar system, these bodies bear the signature of the birth of our planetary system. Its properties allow to demonstrate current theories and to open doors to the development of new theories belonging to different evolutionary processes in the solar system.

Every year hundreds of smaller objects are discovered, such as asteroids. This requires accurate and continuous observations of the sky to avoid an impact of an asteroid against the Earth. Participant collaboration can be very important to analyze images of the sky and thus detect new asteroids and keep updated the databases of such objects.

The picture shown in the app really does not show a single image, it shows a sequence of five images (this is known as time-lapse) of a part of the sky. The images are shown quickly so the participant can see if there is any object that moves on the fixed background of stars and which could be an asteroid.

Fastest hunters will be rewarded and therefore the speed in detection is important. So the faster the participants detect the asteroids, the more points they will get in their account.

The participants will need an Android mobile, iOS or simply a web browser. They may create an account indicating their email or access with a Facebook user. Users who register in Night Knights platform, must use one of their social profiles: Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

7.Scope and requirements for participation

Individuals who can prove their student status in any EU University. Participants must provide their personal data as well as those of the Educational Center for the registration to be effective. Candidates who require travel with a legal guardian will not be admitted.


Inscriptions will be done by filling in a form published in the STARS4ALL website ( Candidates must declare that they have read, know and accept the legal basis and conditions of the competition, for this and for the submission to be valid, they must check the box «Read and accept» found on the form.

9.Deadline for submission

Open Competition process will take place during the month of June, 2017. It will be possible to register and participate from the 12nd June, 2017 to 7th July, 2017 at 12:00 GMT. After this time the registration will be closed.

10.Award criteria

This first phase is characterized by the receipt of the forms and documentation of the applicants to make a selection of those that conform to the bases of the competition. The names of selected participants will be published in the web for general knowledge.

The winners of each application will join us on an astronomical expedition to the United States to see the Total Solar Eclipse along with students of the Ruta de las Estrellas project. The prize is a place in the Shelios 2017 expedition, including all international flights, boards and meals (in the same regime as the rest of the expedition) plus travel insurance. Personal expenses are not included.

11.Jury and/or evaluation committee

After the closing of the call period all documentation will be analyzed by an internal team of the organization. This process will guarantee the verification of compliance with requirements.

The members of this Committee will have a technical profile, with extensive knowledge in the world of science and technology.

The Jury will be composed of:

    • Mr. Miquel Serra-Ricart,
    • Mrs. Lucía García Sánchez-Carnerero,
    • Mrs. Irene Celino,
    • Mr. Esteban González Guardia and
    • Mr. Miguel Rodríguez Alarcón

whose first-degree relatives cannot participate in the competition.

According to the ranking of each app during the competition period, the top student of each app will be selected. In case of a tie, the organization will consider the date of registration of each student, the oldest being in first position.

The jury’s decision will be final and it will be responsible for resolving any doubts which may arise in the interpretation of these rules.

In the event that a winner can not be contacted within 72 hours, the prize will automatically proceed to the next participant on the list of finalists.

The winners will be requested to present to Shelios 2017 expedition organizers a medical certificate of good health and a copy of valid Passport & ESTA documents. The non-presentation of the documentation required in term will suppose the disqualification of the winner.


12.Industrial and intellectual property rights

The participants expressly authorize the promoter to use their name and image in the publicity material related to this contest, in any internal and / or external media they deem appropriate, including the internet, for the sole purpose of ensuring the dissemination by any means of the promotion of the contest.

13.Data protection

The promoter guarantees the confidentiality of the data presented by the participants.

The promoter  may  disseminate  the  names  and  surnames  of the winner and the 5 finalists, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data of the rest of the participants.

All data will be handled according with the Spanish Data Protection Law. UPM Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, coordinator of the Stars4All Project, cares about the privacy of users in this competition,  and for this purpose have created this Privacy Policy to assure their personal data. Under the Spanish Law of Data Protection, Article 15/1999 of Legislative Decree nº 1720/2007, so called “Personal Protection Data”, this policy describes which information can be collected, how it will be collected, and the purpose of its use. We invite all participants to read this policy carefully. Plus, UPM will ensure the compliance of  data policies defined in each application.

Data controller

UPM, with headquarters in av/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040 Madrid

Data processor

UPM, with headquarters in av/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040 Madrid

Data collected from users

Users who register in the competition will provide the following data: full name (required), name of the University in which study (required), contact email (required), twitter account (if applicable), facebook account (if applicable), google + (if applicable). In the case of  Nightknights and Cazasteroides applications, they only have access to certain data inside the social profile given by them. It includes, in the case of Facebook, of the “public-profile” section; “profile login scope” for Google+; and “read-only” for Twitter. UPM will supervise that this ap

Optional nature of providing data

No applicable

Use of the data collected

Personal data provided during the registration process will be used solely for the purpose of identifying the participants and to contact with the winners. The names and surnames of the winners and the 5 finalist may be disseminated.

Preservation of data

UPM will adopt security measures to prevent any unauthorized access, or use outside of the aforementioned purpose, and any possible illegal distribution. Personal data will be preserved until December of 2021. Users upon request, can request to modify or delete its personal data from the platform.

14.Cancellation, modification, exclusion.

The promoter reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the content in case that it cannot be developed due to detected fraud, technical errors or any other kind that is not under the control of Stars4All and could affect the normal development of the contest. Stars4All will adequately report any incidents that may occur and that affect the normal development of the competition.

The promoter reserves the right to automatically exclude any participant who defraud or alter the normal course of the competition or who performs improper practices for their own benefit, to the detriment of third parties.

15.Language and communications

All communications shall be in English language.
For the submission of any question in relation with this content please contact:


In the event that a winner waives, the prize will automatically proceed to the next participant on the list of finalists.

17.Law and Jurisdiction

The Competition shall be governed by Spanish Law (Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, Law 13/2011, of May 27, regulating the game). The participants, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid Capital.


Participating in the project implies the acceptance of all and each of these rules.  Non-acceptance or breach of these terms will mean that the prize will automatically proceed to the next participant on the list of finalists.

19.Social networks

Any questions regarding the project can be directed to our social networks.

Facebook: STARS4ALLLa Ruta de las Estrellas, Shelios,

Twitter: @stars4all_eu@rutaestrellas, @sky_live_tv

Instagram: @stars4all_eu@skylivetv

Shelios expeditions gallery

or contact with Dr. Miquel Serra-Ricart .













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